Creative Process

When we reach certain places, we often are tempted to mark our presence with a sign, to leave a lasting memory of our passage: “I was here”.
What happens if the places we reach are the result of a travel inside us? How can we leave a mark of the experience we lived during our self-exploration?

The art project AnDeRi was born after one of these journeys towards interior places, with the aim to communicate emotions through the indefinite sign of the scrawl, in order to get a touching result both from a representational perspective and a perceptual point of view.
The sense of the artist’s feelings is therefore given not only by shapes but also by the long, uninterrupted traits that form each piece and that capture one’s eye, making it search for new sensorial relationships among one element and the other.
In this way, the sign holds the attention tied to the emotional tracks, moving the observation of each unique contortion of the line from the descriptive level to the perceptual level. The single piece itself often requires months to be finalized and thanks to that time the viewer can find in it the whirlwind of emotions that each person lives in the everyday life, all of them flowing in that work.
Thus, each artwork can be read and not only observed. Read like a book, written in a language that everybody can discover and understand because it has no lexicon, but it is full of primordial signs that reveal a journey that recalls the past, tells us a story about the present or explores the future. And the purpose is to always leave the attentive viewer with a question open.
In the end, can the artist interact with the viewer through the observer’s perceptions?
As the scrawl is a path to the subconscious, so the artist’s sign is a thread connecting him to his inner world, leaving a permanent memory of his emotions.
Thanks to this continuous flow that forges the persistence of the artwork, we can understand the artist no longer from his trait or technique, but from his signs, symbols of his expression; making his emotions and not his pieces truly immortal.


  • 2019 – Swiss Art Expo 2019 – Zürich (Schweiz)
  • 2019 – Swiss Art Talent 2019 – Zürich (Schweiz)
  • 2019 – Art Box Project Miami ARTWeek 2019  Wynwood, Miami  Florida (US)



This catalogue collects some of the pieces that represent turning points of my way of drawing and portray my own worldview.
The viewer will notice how the scrawl has acquired more and more room in the composition of the artwork until it became the main protagonist.


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