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“How would the addictions of this century look like if they were people?”

Here’s how AnDeRi imagines them.
Smoke, Alcohol, Fashion, Internet.

Collection in progress

“Addictions is a series that I consider particularly important because it’s the first collection developing one single topic in its different aspects. Regardless of our culture and level of education, all of us have fallen into an addiction – even only for a short time – that has left its scars on us. The main work has been trying to give a face to each of these vices. In the following pages you’ll find out which of them may be considered the main ones for me; the ones by which the whole humanity is brought together. This does not exclude that in time, new addictions may arise following discoveries (such as internet) or changes and evolutions of a present one.

The other reason I am so connected to this collection is because it marks an evolution of my artistic path. You can detect this by observing the differences between Smoke, the first addiction I portrayed, and Fashion, which is the last one (for the moment). Alcohol, for example, is the result of a research on the sign. During the realization of this portrait I began to let my hand go with the flow, trying to perceive and render shapes, volumes and lights through the scrawl rather than through a structured drawing.

More sign, less design.”


“A shout without voice”

Collection in progress


“The series begins in 2018 and aims to imprint in one single painting the memory of the past year and the muddle of immediate and unfiltered feelings triggered by any social, political, economic and cultural event of the year.
A journey back in the years, a glare in the mirror of the past to stay in touch with one’s inner tale.”


“These are not people faces but city faces”

Collection in progress


“Nowadays cities are refuge for people in search of opportunities. Muddle of lives, they are made ofconfusion, noises, smells, lights and are the mirror of contemporary civilization and of the people living in them. If in a thousand years anthropologists had to study the contemporary men, they should collaborate with urban planners: for sure they would help finding a lot of answers to their researches. This collection synthesizes in one picture the essence of a city, transfiguring it in a human face as from human faces we can learn a lot with one glance.”


“How can the human being rebuild himself after emotional earthquakes in life without cancelling hispast?”

Collection in progress


“Throughout our entire life, outer happenings and internal emotional life interact creating signs and shapes that wander in the mind. Sometimes they are mirages, sometimes visions or dreams that represent in a synthetic way the existence in time.
In this collection as well as in Addictions, the difference among different artistic research paths is visible. Look at The Abandonment, born from an unexpected intense emotion, and The Euthymia, where I let myself go in the state of quietness produced by creating through scrawls.
Drawing without thinking.”